Composer Nikolay Sidelnikov


An outstanding Russian composer, the Winner of the State premium by M.I.Glinka, the honored artist of Russia, professor of the Moscow State Conservatory. In 1957 he has graduated the Moscow State conservatory - class of composition by prof. E.O.Messner, postgraduated study by prof. J.A.Shaporin, since 1958 the assistant prof. A.I.Hachaturjan and prof. J.A.Shaporin; since 1961 teached in the Moscow conservatory the class of composition. He was one of the leading professor of the Moscow conservatory with the unique technique of teaching in theory and practice of composition. His school has given more than ten young composers with strongly established world-known name: among them Vyacheslav Artemov, Edward Artem'ev (the organizer and the initiator of electronic music in the USSR), Dmitry Smirnov, Vladimir Tarnopol'sky, Vladimir Martynov, Sergey Pavlenko, Vladimir Bitkin and others.
Nikolay Sidelnikov supported creative and pedagogical communications with many musicians and conservatories of the countries of Europe, Asia and America.
Music experts who is studying Nikolay Sidelnikov's works consider him "the most Russian" composer of his generation. Along with unique creative identity, he has followed the traditions established by M. Glinka, M. Mussorgsky, P. Tchaikovsky, I. Stravinsky. In his works he oriented on the history of Russian folklore; he based his program music on the national historical events but at the same time referred to the cultural assets of other nations using the most advanced means of composition. In early years of the creative career, the composer followed classical bases, later radical innovations, polystylistics and postmodernism. In some of his works he acts not only as a composer but also as a librettist.
His impressive creative legacy consists of the monumental genres like operas, symphonies, oratorios, one ballet; great number of choral, chamber and vocal music, a range of spiritual compositions; a few compositions for the piano solo; a sonata for violoncello and piano; a sonata for violin and piano (performed by Gidon Kremer). Among his works there are 2 piano playbooks for children: "Savva's flute" and "About what a chaffinch sang".
His pieces with triumphal success were performed in Prague and Bratislava, Zagreb and Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris and Peking. The concert "Russian fairy tales" for 12 instrumentalists was acknowledged as one of the best compositions of the 1970/71 concert season at the International Rostrum of Composers (IRC).
Especially from the last premieres it would be desirable to note performances of his compositions in New York in the Merkin Concert Hall, March 1990, it was the Chamber Symphony the "DUEL's", the only one opus of N.Sidelnikov, based on the serial technik, for violoncello, contrabass, 2 pianos and percussions, written by order of Mstislav Rostropovich, the oratorio on verses of M.Yu. Lermontov "Rebellious world of the poet " for a baritone of a chamber orchestra which with the big success was performed in February 1991 also in the Merkin Concert Hall, and a premiere of his spiritual concert in the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin in the city of New York under management of Andrew Goodman.
His last composition which he has finished in hospital, just before the operation, in fact a result of all his inspired creative life, it is the novel-symphony in five frescos based on Ancient Greek myths about Theseus "Labyrinths", for a piano solo. Buried at the Troyekurovskoye Cemetery.

September, 29, 2000 on radio station "Sadko" (202Н, 1.484 KHz) was held a concert devoted to a 70-anniversary of birthday of Nikolay Sidel'nikov (records are in a MR3-format):

1.Opening address (A.Knjazhev).

2.Thought for terrible day (from " the Spiritual concert № 1 "), a part 4 (the conductor - V.Simonov).

3, 4, 5. Two parts (21-st and 24-th psalms) from spiritual cantata "Psalms", a flute - P.Lavrenenkov, the conductor - O.Sitnikov.

6. Interview of Anastasiya Sidel'nikova.

7, 8, 9.Three pieces from " a children's album ", played by A.Ginzburg: the Echo, Night rustles of a wood, the Overseas bird.

10. About a cantata "Cordial Talks".

11. Last crying an accordion (a cantata "Cordial Talks", a part 7),

12. Romansero about love and death.

13. Anastasyja Sidel'nikova about "Romansero".

14, 15. A bell (№ 10), Memento (№ 11) from "Romansero about love and death", a piano - A.Sidel'nikova, shock - V.Shilov, a bass - guitar - A.Parsadanov, solo on an acoustic guitar - G.Shajdulova (synthesizer). Conducting - A.Knjazev, the editor - D.Kereselidze.

16. Tchertogon (part of opera) Perm's opera theather. Full audio version in MP3 format.

17. Elegy (tenor - A. Naumenko, piano - A.Sidelnikova, violin - P.Borisova, bass - P.Tsvetkov).

18. Cry of king David (tenor - A. Naumenko, organ - A.Sidelnikova)

19. Novel-Symphony for piano solo "Labyrinthes" (based on Ancient Greek myths about Theseus).

1. Hero`s Youth
2. Ariadna`s Dance
3. Labyrinthes, Theme and 7 variations
4. Ariadna`s thread leads to inevitability
5. The last way to the Shadow`s Kingdom

20.Opera "The Run" ( fragments) based on the same-name drama by Mikhail Bulgakov.

21.Symphony of Russian Land's Ruin.

1. Last psalm.
2. Remember Kitezh!

3. Bring me away, winds.

22. Symphony- divertissement "Times of a Day" in four portraits.

23.Oratorio "Raised sword" (based on Old Russian chronicles of the XII-XVI centuries.).

24. Oratorio on verses on M.Yu. Lermontov "Rebellious world of a poet".

25. Oratorio- requiem on M.Yu. Lermontov's verses "Death of a poet".

26.Russian Fairy Tales (Concerto for twelve soloists).

1 There, behind the hills, lies Russian land.
2 The singing of mosquitos and the morass' fears.
3 High in the sky cranes are flying.
4 Swamps and mists.
5 Wood-goblin and nymphs play round dances.
6 The marvelous flowers are flashing in the meadow, winds will blow - they will blaze out with scarlet flame.
7 There are shepherds playing old songs, but in a new way.
8 The bewitching towns are reflected in the lakes, one can throw a stone - town will disappear.
9 Well-knit girls go to gather berries a longlong way.

27. "Romancero about love and death " on text Federico Garcia Lorca.

1. 6 strings
2. Residential area of Cordoba
3. Amparo
4. Serenade
5. Guitar sighs
6. What happened?
7. Crossroads
8. Requiem to the cow
9. The candle
10. The bell
11. Memento
12. Coda

28. Chamber Symphony "DUEL's"

29. Opera "The Scarlet Flower" (based on the same-name well-known fairy tale-myth by S. T. Aksakov).

30. Choral poem "Evening Prayer about the World".

31. Spiritual Concert No.1.(part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4)

32. "Sichuan elegies" in two notebooks ("The Thoughts about itself", "The thoughts turned to the friend") on verses Du Foo for a mixed chorus, soloists, flute, flute-pikkolo, harp, vibraphone and group of percussions.

Notebook 1.

Notebook 2.

33. Cordial Talks (Cantata).

34. Symphony number 3 "Hymn to nature"

35. Passacaglia per organo. (Video)

36. Liturgy of St.John Chrysostom (liyurgical concert).

37. Sonata for violin and piano "Slavic triptych".

38. The cycle for two sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor and piano on verses by V.Khlebnikov "In the country of sedge and forget-me-nots".

39. The vocal cycle for tenor and piano " on verses by A. Blok "Vision ant nightmares of Hamlet".

40. Sonata - Epitaph for piano solo in memory of P.I. Tchaikovsky.

41. Ceremonial Cantus for chorus and orchestra.



All questions could be addressed to the daughter of the composer Anastasyja Sidelnikova: ,

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